Monday, March 1, 2010

User Experience: Acme Package design project concpeting

Project Brief:


Natural order wellness (now), a long-time maker and supplier of ingredients for natural wellness, health and beauty products is entering a cooperative venture with several investors to develop and market products of its own. Potential products include fortified water, soda/cola, vitamins, diet supplements, household cleaners, beauty or other personal care items marketed under the brand name acme.

This new product line will leverage now’s competency in producing products of unparalleled quality and effectiveness while containing natural ingredients. The new acme products will also continue their interest earth-friendly production.

Although now’s ultimate goal is to offer its products through a worldwide network of company-owned stores, initially, the products will be sold through select retailers, specialty shops, and the internet via a company web store and will require a print based advertising campaign.

Acme is launching a new line of organic “Guilty Little Pleasures” treats. This line of coffee, chocolate, and tea will make you wonder how something so bad can be so good for you. With this launch the goal is to add some wiggle room into the stiff connotations that usually belong with most organic products.

Product Line

Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Tea

However with all of these products I want to have a beauty use as well. Such as a chocolate masque, or a coffee eye plumping serum.

Target Audience:

My target audience would be people who already shop organic food that feel like they stick to a very strick eating habits to feel like they are cheating with a “Little Guilty Pleasure”. These products tend to sell more to women cause these simple things can help them with getting through the day.

Intital Observations:

With everyone jumping on the go green train there is a spike in its popularity. However there is a common trend among most products feeling very earthy in the color palette and textures. Along with making you feel like it is from the earth the typeface and illustrations feel very free flowing and pure. By looking at some of the designs already out there I have noticed the package focuses on how “good” something is for you and not how “good” it makes you feel

Proposed Strategy

For my Guilty Pleasure Acme product line I am thinking I want to deliver a feel that is sinfully delicious. This way that people who usually shop organic will feel like they are getting spoiled and cant believe their eyes that something that is usually so bad for you can be so good. With idea I would want to use really rich and deep colors. I want these products to just look like they would get you into trouble until you are surprised to find they are 100% organic.

This is my comparables board. This is just some of the other tea, coffee, and hot chocolate packages I found along with some beauty products. I really think that I would be nice to have a food product that looks like a beauty product. You see food in beauty with cherry flavored li balm. But when do you see a fancy beauty looking product in the juice or coffee aisle.

This is my visual inspiration or mood board. I want my natural product to look luxurious. Very often when people are buying organic or natural products they think they are giving up bad unnessisary things cause they are better. But just because it it good for you doesnt mean it need to taste bad or look like a hippy made it. I want my product to look luxurious and the buyer can feel like they are spoiling themselves.

My target audience is an upper scale white women who is already an organic and all natural shopper. She is materialistic and into pampering herself however she doesn't always have a lot of time to go to the spa. She is active and into her appearance. I want this avid organic user to feel she is getting a little treat that she doesn't usually get. This is not meant to feel earthy.