Thursday, November 4, 2010

Senior Degree Project

The 2 different direction I am really wanting to focus on and start to learn more about for my senior degree project are.....CERVICAL CANCER and CYBER BULLYING.

With the topic of Cervical Cancer there are many different avenues in which I could approach this issue and frame my degree project. First there is awareness that this is effecting 1 out of 8 teenage girls. Also there is understanding what it means and what effects if can have on your health and future. Then there is the whole issue of treatments. Cervical cancer is a very controversial topic in the medical world right now. Many doctors have very conflicting views and opinions was to the best method for helping it. Then having this invasive issue really is a lot for these young girls and women to cope with so they need to feel a sense of community and compassion to get them through this challenging time. There are so many different problems and ways that graphic design can make this very prominent yet rarely understood cancer understood a its victims addressed........also for those of you who did know I was diagnosed with cervical cancer cells in February of 2007 then again in June, I am cancer free now I still have to worry about it all the time and the stress that comes along with it.

from here I would want to see if there is an organization I could pair up with to make meaningful and implementable work towards this cause I care so much about.

The next ideal I am wanting to work with the hot topic of bullying. But my mom is an elementary school teacher and she was talking with some parents about my project ideas and she came in contact with a man from the Raymore Optimist Club and they were wanting to do some type of work with the issue of Cyber bullying because there has been an outbreak of it in out middle and high schools. I really like the ida of doing this because it is a real type of client and it would be helping kids from my hometown and in my brothers grade. The only problem is this project is not going to be one anytime soon so I will need to check with them on what they are wanting and the timespan in which they will want it completed. Also I dont want to run into the problem of them having preset things that they want, I need to be able to determine the corse of the project.

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