Thursday, March 11, 2010

Type 4: Typographic Conference

The theme I landed on for my Typographic conference is Type in the Round: Typography over a dimensional surface. This conference would attract attendees ranging from graphic designers, students, marketing agents, buyers, and store/ business owners. They would hear keynote presentations from designers who specialize in packaging design and designing a message over multiple surfaces. Through this conference attendees will learn how using typography you can add dimensionality in a flat surface or also how spreading type or a message over multiple planes can draw a viewer in or force them to interact with it. At this conference there would also be lots of example of text in the round for the attendees to be interacting with and witness firsthand. This conference will inform attendees on how typography in the round can help to sell a product, create an experience or tell a story for the viewer, and are powerful components in getting a viewer to take notice to a designated message. This conference would be held in a hotel that had space to have an indoor side of the conference and an outdoor space where the attendees can see how dimensional type can be used in multiple environments.

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