Friday, March 12, 2010

Type 4: Theme discussion with Kate

After discussing our own ideas about the themes of our conferences we decided to collaborate. We are both have the some concepts of type with dimensionality and provoking viewer interaction with a design. Kate's side of the brings more of the sculpture element or type as art attracting the non designers, more like the sculptures. I feel as if it is really important to make this conference sound appealing and reach a wider audience. This can be accomplished by including how typography whether flat or dimensional can help with marketing strategy. It can aid in selling a product, attracting an audience, answer a question in a new and creative way. Also this can be a conference that can help fine artist such as painters and sculptures come and learn how to use type in there work to help add a more or different meanings and how you can carry multiple messages over multiple surfaces successfully to where the viewer still understands. With this wide range of interest I feel would make this conference worth paying money for. It is a one stop shop to get a lot of quality information. This conference can also have a workshop, speaker, or discussion for every type of thinker. We will have talks about the apeal to the creative thinkers, and presentations that deal with data and facts about increasing revenue with intriguing the viewer with type over multiple different planes for advertising, this would be more of the left brained people. The conference would also have many different hands on and hands off workshops for the attendees to take part in. This conference would give the audience new on how to deliver a message and force them to think off the "flat page." Also with having such a wide target audience there will be many sides to add for a well round discussions. One thing that we could improve on is narrowing down our audience and maybe stick to 3-d items not any flat print based art. Also we want all of our lectures stick to items that encourage viewer interaction and have them visually engaged.

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