Friday, December 4, 2009

Na: data presentation

So this project wanted me to learn how to deal with a difficult situations. I ran into problems every step of the way. I had a hard time with a concept. Then i captured video over break and i learned what it feels like to loose all your data. After that I rerecorded using a "mini disk" which we found to be the devil because it is impossible to edit. I also had grand ideas that i wanted to try out however didnt have the skill set to do or the programs.

I learned to deal with the situation at hand and make the best of it. I learned to problem solve and work on the fly.

The hierarchy of this project is probably the the music just because it is intense and rockish. I was trying to do something different and unexpected. I could probably try out a couple different things to get the feel that i need to find. All of my text is wanky and large. I need to interact




You and your dilemmas... I feel awful.

When it says: "4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement." There's a little jumpy jump in the type.

We already talked about the wonky drawing, it just can't go behind text like that, but it's totally funny and should be included... (Although, if you get to use the original footage, does that mean that there won't be any stills?)

And yeah, the green text is awful. Too much.

All of the facts are interesting and the photos are of high quality!

jmeurer said...

I know you were struggling to do the direction you were intending, but with this I get a chance to see where it will get as well. Some of the issues that can be worked out can be the typography, its to big at the end when you announce that the kids can be bad ass artist. The transitions of the text fading in and out was nice way to go towards bringing the text into the screen, but think about the text with image. One of things I enjoyed getting out of yours is that the one frame with all the cut out kids was a nice way of communicating that there is a community. That was a clear way of representing a community without actually showing a ton of people. To go off the community, the kids at the end of the presentation was a good touch, but I wish you could position the kids without and still keep them in the end. The reason why I would say that is so you can give the children a voice of how the facts follow out. If you show a child getting good grades, or attendance that can back up the fact.

O I almost forgot that the images you took are interesting in the fact that you went to a elementary school to take them, and the fact it relates with your facts. You are almost there.