Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Option 1
I am first and for most a creative problem solver. I love how design can do so much more than just make something look pretty, it can ignite social change. I have been interning at VML, a digital advertising agency, for almost a year. I love the enthusiasm and energy that you find in an advertising field I am 100% a people person. While most people dread public speaking I find it to be a performance and a chance for people to listen to all you have to say. I am also a very practical designer. I understand clients needs, and will work with them to find an intriguing yet obtainable solution.


--I am a very creative thinker and problem solver, design is just one of the most effective outlets to answer most problems

--Born in Peculiar Missouri, the odds where not always with me. So I packed up me and my little dog and we made the trip into the big city

Option 2

As a young child I could either be found at dance class or practicing my moves in front of the mirror. What was then perceived as cute and the subject matter of many family videos, would actually make the designer I am today. Dancing has taught me to be under the spot light. Even though breaking out in Pirouettes many not always be appropriate during a critic, I still look at every presentation as a performance. A chance for me to entertain and inform my audience through my design narrative. For me the joy in design comes from the conceptualizing and asking what if.

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