Thursday, September 2, 2010

VA_Problems and Ideas for Rosedale

key problems I have though of in Rosedale



sport intramural sports

after school activities

stretched boundaries

poor landscape

rundown buildings

wide range of ethnicities

no grocery stores

high turn over rate

lines of communication


no pride

lack of self confidence

poor health



self worth

no since of home

no city support


Dance group/ Classes

The purpose of starting dance classes with in rosedale is first and for most to have an activity that can build confidence. Dancing is not only good physical activity but it teaches you to let go of your insecurities and feel comfortable in your own skin. This is an activity that boys and girls can do that would be after school would take place in a church or school. This dance group could be very inexpensive or free to its attendees. The poms would belong to the group to be passed out each class. Music could be chosen based on their given heritages and preferences. The dancers could make their own costumes and could preform at community evens such as the farmers market, soccer games, parades, ect. This is how these young children would learn what it is like to be on stage and feel what a high it gives you to feel confident.This could also involve the parent through father daughter dances and mother daughter dances and classes.

plays in the park

Tapping into kids imagination at this age is crucial. Having them participate in plays would be an after school activity, build confidence, and provide a free entertainment. This could be free for the community to attend and watch plays the kids put on. Or raise money through showings. They could build sets and make own costumes.

sidewalk chalk drawings for a book to raise money

This would basically be a campaign Kids do sidewalk drawings for donations to add new sidewalks. This could be in a book form or a printed photo. On the kids go to their homes and do it on their driveway.

photo backs to ask for help to raise money for spruce up- Can u see the beauty

There are some very cool buildings in Rosedale, even though most are overlooked due to the overgrown nature of most of the areas. Find the inner beauty to raise money to fix the remainder.

bikes for brains

Get bikes for those kids who are getting good grades and are excelling in school.

rental electric cars/ bikes

This is a kind of obscured idea but if there were 2 ports where residents can rent either an electric car to go to the grocery store, dr, or where ever they needed then you put them back and plug them in. Or you could do the some for bikes this would provide residents with a means of transportation to get to the healthy food and promote riding a bike.

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