Friday, April 9, 2010

Type 4: Conference Experiments continued

This is the new direction Kate and I are starting to take with our conference identity. We are working with a basic form type face of Din and using 4 main distinguished colors of red, blue, green, and yellow. These 4 colors will represent the 4 different areas of professionals that will be attending the conference. We will want to color code the different groups, for example red- sculptures, yellow marketing representatives, green- fine artist, and blue- graphic designers.

The artifacts that we are considering creating for our conference is a magic cube.

This cube encompasses all of the elements Kate and I would want people to know about our conference. We are stressing how to show multiple message over multiple surfaces. It invokes user interaction, because they want to pick it up and play with it. It also resembles a sculputal structure.

We had also considered making some wristbands.

We also want to make an animation as an intro for the conference. I want to play with the shapes creating patterns referencing all of the different professionals together at this conference to create new elements. I have just been playing with patterns from our logo negative shapes.

The other printed artifact that I want to create is a laminate name tag that has a printed schedule on the back for a quick reference.

Then the last and final thing that we are going to try in to make an invitation or reminder that we would send to our participants. This would contain a cd full of the necessary information for the 1st round of the design challenge.

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