Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IA 387: initial compositions for shoe website

For my shoe collection website I have taken so very dramatic photos of all of my shoes and want to showcase them in my final flash web site.

These are some of the sites I wanted to draw from for insperation

These are some of the pages I have started to design using my photos and graphs. I wanted to maintain a very minimal clean and sophisticated design. I want it to be based on bold photography and beautiful typography.

this is and idea I am working with to display the wide variety of photos I have taken.

This is a home page idea where the images are huge and scrolling right and left.

Here is a macro of one shoe and story. This would fall under the about us section. I have a huge dramatic image and a story for each shoe.

This is an option I have developed to work on sorting of my shoes.

home page idea 2

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