Monday, February 15, 2010

Type 4: designer bio

The designer/ firm that through all my research I have found very interesting is BEE. This stands for Beauty Engineered forEver. This is a New Zealand based company. This is very apparent in there ideas and philosophies. "They believe that New Zealanders make it better"..haha. This a a very green company whos motto and reason for designing resinated with what I want to do and why I want to design. BEE is all about making a change and do what you can to make it better, and what better outlet than graphic design. Their goal is to "create beautiful things that make life better and save the world." What more could you ask for in a design...nothing. However at BEE the dont want to design the normal green products. They dont feel the need to always use browns and green and earthy tones. Just because they are from nature doesnt mean that they have to be marketed to only the hippies. The think that designs should be made for pleasure and function. I really enjoy this design firms well rounded attributes. They are not just focused on what looks pretty, but practicality as well. BEE as designers design the whole product not just the pretty label on the outside. Typically BEE designs house hold cleaning products. To be this is one the most uninspirational product to work with. Therefore as designers you have a harder time making in interesting and marketable to consumers.

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