Monday, November 2, 2009

Vis Lang: postcard

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Connor Gaughan said...

This seems to be getting at the flashiness of drinking. Showing this perfectly manicured drink makes me a bit thirsty. The appeal of drinking is high among younger people and is pushed more so by fruity drinks that may taste good. The goofy names of the drinks help to give the drinks a sense of humor instead of a serious tone. No one would appeal to a drink called "the rusty rail spike." Maybe I'm wrong though.

With the corky names and the refreshing appeal of the drink next to it, this may appeal to a younger crowd. An early teenager who may have an interest in drinking would never want to start off by having an old fashion without a chaser. The fruity taste and easy drinkability of a mixed drink is easy to tolerate. I feel as though this shows that maybe our society is a little to lax on our children and their drinking habits.