Tuesday, November 10, 2009

na: statement for non linear project

Through doing this project i have watched it evolve in many ways from my initial flip book concept. In this final stage of the project my banana pencil concept to a more childish feel to it than it has had in the past. I felt like this concept had a juvenile feel to it so i went with the concept of artwork on a fridge for this interactive project. I included things like a mom telling her child "good job sweetie". This gives the viewer some clarification as to what this is an image of and the fact that it is piece of art work created and being displayed. I also think some of the non lyrical music adds some suspense and drama to the progressing animations and makes the viewer wonder what is going to happen next. Then with the sound effects of the sharpening pencil and the monkey sound are just acting in as magnets that make the sound of the shape they are potraying and it is tied directly back to the animations the viewer is watching or interacting with. Finally the song with works is yet again commenting on the art work that is being displayed on the fridge as well as using the term "bananas" which is directly related to my original animation. The sound effect such as the pencil or monkey are further clarified with there sound and dont leave much question for the viewer as to there meaning. Where the songs with out words are a little more open ended and could give the viewer many different feelings or emotions. Like when you click on the chip clip i feel a sense of building emotion driven through the animation underneath it. The voice over of my mom also gives added meaning and another level of understanding to the project. I chose to have one animation play with a click of a button and stop the same way. Then the other animation i chose to have playing with the start of a button then you are not allowed to turn it off. I did this on purpose so the viewer is forced to watch the whole thing and cant get out of it. A lot of my buttons you can play at the same time. If you get all those sound buttons playing at once it is pure chaos. I expect the viewer to play the videos at anytime, or even at the same time with no hesitation. However the sounds need to be played separately and one at a time. I hope that the viewers will watch the animations and then play all the different sounds and songs and discover the different feelings each one lends to the two separate animations. Like the banana song when it is played with the banana animation it adds humor and meaning to the animation. Some of non word songs can change the tone of the animation as well to a dark suspensful action. So with each pairing and combination i expect the viewer to learn and find somethings new whether it is good or bad.
I really am pleased with the final outcome of this piece. I took on a new challenge and over came it with minimal sweat and tears, sorry kidwell. It has made me want to learn more in flash and what else i can create or learn to do that is al ittle deeper. All in all this was an extremely beneficial and fun project where i learned a TON!


Anonymous said...

I really love that you got your mom to do your voiceover. Its really cute and funny and what all of us want to hear when we work hard on something. The banana playing that song is also humorous and most of the buttons make sense.

The only things that I didn't like is that, why did one movie play big and the other not? I like it playing on the fridge and then playing with the magnet. The only thing I found that you might not have wanted is that the movie that does stay small doesn't stop, or I can't get it to stop. It just keeps looping. If that is what you wanted I think there needs to be a longer pause on "the end" because its kind of hard to tell where it starts and stops until you see that it says "the end" after the 3rd time of watching it.

All the sounds and movies play amazingly and I know your usual struggles in flash didn't really happen in this one. I am amazed at how far you have come with overcoming this software. YAY AMANDA!!! :)

Bryan said...

nicely done, great sound effects/voice, I would of like to see some rollover action going on, because compositionally its very flat, your beveled objects help improve that but they look cartoony against that type of fridge, if you took out the buttons and just left the fridge and "the ice book" its cold, hard and nothing like your narrative, which is really impacting this friendly narrative your trying to express. So I would suggest picking an older fridge, nothing modern, beige colored, with these magnets on them, I don't think you need the title either, it doesn't really make sense when applied to your footage, you don't really see the ice box, its just the outside, the fridge has no functionality so titling it ice book confuses your viewer.