Friday, October 30, 2009

Vis Lang: response to feedback from partner

So after sending my partner my postcard to the lime twist he had some very helpful and insightful comment. He mentioned that he got a pleasant or satisfying feel to it. This was by no means the message i was trying to convey. I was looking for a drowning lime feeling in a negative light. The colors i think where the main contributor of this problem. A simple solution to more clearly convey my message to my receiver would have been to make the image in black and white. As for the next stage response needed from my partner i have yet to see it. He has not responded by our class time..bummer for me! This could have something to do with the noise on level C caused by effectiveness that the receiver was so uninspired by my art that he chose not to respond at all. I left him void of ideas. However i think that this also may have something to do with the fact that it is the day before halloween and it is also friday and he may just be a little behind. I look forward to seeing his work. He also mentioned my piece lacked a setting however i feel that my choice was valid in the way that i was focusing solely on the lime twist itself and i hit at they glass the rest is left into his interpretation.

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